RCD Testing

An RCD (Residual Circuit Device, also known as a safety switch)

is an electrical safety switch that almost immediately switches off the electricity if there is a short to earth eg when someone touches a live wire by mistake.

An RCD is a device located in the electrical switchboards of most commercial premises.

All RCDs are to be inspected and tested in accordance with AS/NZS 3760:2003 as per electrical appliance tagging requirements.  This ensures all equipment operates correctly when a suitable fault condition occurs.

RCD Testing

In Queensland, Safety switch testing may reduce the requirement for Test & Tag of portable electrical equipment in some situations. The RCD should be tested for tripping times which is in milliseconds, plus a manual test performed by a push button test.

The information from these tests are recorded and any abnormal readings, if any, are reported to you along with suitable solutions. These devices are designed to save lives and are installed with considerable cost. It therefore makes sense to ensure that they function correctly. Testing is performed on a yearly basis and requires the shutdown of circuits for approximately 20minutes. Yearly test procedure: Visual RCD identification Manually trip RCD Reset RCD circuit breaker Plug in RCD test device and test tripping time and trip current Reinstate supply Record all test results

All works must be carried out by a suitably qualified person..

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